House & Apartment Cleaning

*Regular Cleaning starts from / cleaner $25
3 Hours Basic Cleaning of 1 or 1,5 hour team of 2 $90
4 Hours Basic Cleaning of 1 or 2 hours team of 2 $120
8 Hours Premium Deep Cleaning $240
Recurring Customers Save  
Monthly 5%  
Bi-Weekly 10%  
Weekly 15%


House Cleaning Service in Orlando

Arе уоu looking fоr thе аbѕоlutе best house cleaning services in Orlаndо аnd the surrounding аrеаѕ? You’ve come to thе right place! As a thriving, рrеmium ԛuаlitу house cleaning service, we аlwауѕ gо thе еxtrа milе! Hеrе аt Zoltan Сlеаning Company, wе only tеаmѕ uр with tор-nоtсh house сlеаnеrѕ whо аrе guаrаntееd tо make your hоuse ѕраrkling сlеаn, уоur lifе easier аnd your fасе glеаming with jоу! Satisfied guaranteed with House Cleaning in Orlando.

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House Cleaning price in Orlando

Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back

Homeowners and businesses in Orlando, Florida, with rug cleaning service needs, can always depend on the prompt project completion offered by locally owned and operated Zoltan Cleaning Company. Rug Cleaning service in Orlando comes with guaranteed satisfied.

Minimize stains and odours

Getting rid of dirt is just part of what we can handle in the shortest time possible; our cleaning methods minimize stains and odours, too. On top of that, we have the experience it takes to protect the texture and colour of your rugs while also providing an exceptional rug cleaning result.

Zoltan Cleaning Service Orlando - Company


Every apartment in your house deserves a thorough apartment cleaning service that you can see and feel. Zoltan cleaning service is proud to offer a program designed to serve residents of apartments, condominiums, and other small spaces. We offer customized pricing to groups of residents in the same complex who register for weekly or bi-weekly service. Satisfied guaranteed with Apartment Cleaning in Orlando.

Zoltan Cleaning Company will carefully carry out apartment cleaning service from top to bottom, including:

  • Pictures and other wall art
  • Ceiling fans
  • Under furniture
  • Baseboards
  • Mirrors and windows


Oppositely to what you might think, a small apartment doesn’t mean an easy clean. Dirt, germs, and grime can find their way into myriad corners and spaces that are hidden out of your sight. Zoltan Cleaning Company’s seasoned professional’s apartment cleaning services team know where to look and have the processes and techniques that will bring the shine and sparkle to every inch of your apartment or condo in no time.